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Archive | Whiskey and the Surfer w/ John Tole

Whiskey and the Surfer Cover pageWhiskey and The Surfer is Alternative Reality Rock Programming hosted by John Tole. It’s morning drive speed but for the maniacs who listen/work overnights.

DJ Phantom drives the show with her algorithm cranked to 11 and Wes Key and Fliip Rivers break down all things weird news, tinfoil, faith, Metal and sweet riffs weekdays Noon Mountain Time.

The hosts AM Morning Team Whiskey and The Surfer, (Wes Key and Fliip Riivers) unaware of what songs are coming then riff about their lives, opinions, news stories they’ve barely read. They will break down alternative realities, simulation theory, Faith, conspiracy and review movies they will never see.

Wes Key and Fliip Riivers have both moved over from the AM side of the dial after being suspended they now form the duo Whiskey and The Surfer and have been trying to out do each other as they battle to be the 3rd voice on the Cart Path of life.

Wes Key (Whiskey) is the cool headed married sober loveable optimist who loves rock and Fliip (The Surfer) is the immature brash tin foil hat party aficionado and knower of all things metal.
Whiskey and The Surfer release weekdays at and

Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 217: Digital Cannibals

AI Driven Online Persona Post 1 in the New Willennium. Whiskey and The Surfer show up with Technical Difficulties and smile and dial their way through the new CA Law to Centralize Truth per The Government Guidelines and these Nere-do-well Sexist Racist Liberals are lining up to see who is gonna sell Yoga in the […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 215: In The Arms of The Algorithms

Nancy Pelosi has a frown off to win her next job as The Trump Train continues to roll inside of the Digital Simulation. Whiskey and The Surfer, fresh off of Ash Wednesday, they wonder if the Adam’s Family has a Tennis Coach, what is that 4 mile wide creature in the Pacific, Is Oprah training […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 214: Anti Pro War Lock

BROH we are hopped on Kerova Edibles, generic day and ny’re-do-quil as we run a digital stake out on some Warlocks and Witches preparing for the coming war between Luby’s and Furr’s. The world fistfights around the dinner table using porkchops and pot pies while DJ Phantom throws us MADBALL, FULL OF HELL, and CANNIBAL […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 213: Riff Silent Riff Deep State

Happy Friday inside of the simulation, Whiskey and The Surfer brings you, “Riff Silent, Riff Deep State”. Donnie Trump does a rough set in front of a drunken bar crowd to celebrate Venezuela’s dumping of VERY FAKE NEWS Ne’re-do-wells and stays for Karaoke where we battle over International waters with ABBA, AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE and […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 212: Open Heart To Heart

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is the TOM BRADY of MICHAEL JACKSON’S stable and the illuminati is preparing the sacrificial Chinese Blood Red Panda for its first BOWEL transplant and they are using Antarctic Nuclear Subway Franchises to cool the Meat long enough to poison the evil with Antifreeze, a woman loses her S and spikes her dudes […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 211: GreenBowling for Columnwhine

Kelly Anne Conway wows us with today’s zig as the nation lines up to preorder the latest zag. Northface Stock climbs higher as Global Warming Rock throwing Liberals beat up their own in Berkeley in the name of Winter Fashions. Students, ardent diehard fans of Palestine, said it felt just like being there as they […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 210: Wall Of Hate

SLAYER VS these Loser SJWs and their hate filled racist women’s march come under fire for hiring Terrorists and Murderesses to lecture the youth of America, meanwhile Yahoo scares us with Anti Chinese News as a Panda Escapes into a Neighborhood to avoid being shot like an Obama Pardoned Convict into a Federal Halfway House, […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 209: Cash In On The Swamp

Inside the Inauguration, hopefully that is spelled right, if not I will have to complain to the algorerythm department that sold me the characters in this show. JOIN DJ Phantom, Fliip Riivers, Wes Key, Flake Newsome and Mondo and Carnito with Traffic Y Weather on the 7’s as we rage in the Simulation with COFFIN […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 208: BEAT IT, Fake News Nerds

Back from our 2 week break BROOH, we are raging in the Simulation inside of the Fake News False Narrative being souled to you. Did you choose to be mad again today? Running out of days aren’t you? Yet you carry on the negative parade. Join the absurdist Circus that is the Post Truth America […]

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Whiskey and the Surfer Ep. 207: Two Skate Solution

Blake Newsome joins the show and is pranked by DJ Phantom, things get dicey inside of the WATS Studio as The Corporate Equal Play rules mean an undocumented YNGWIE MALMSTEIN shows up after JOE SATRIANI gets fired for boring us with SOLOS only to be SAVED BY THE SCORPIONS as we use The Germans to […]

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