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Each week the crew of Werewolf Radar convene in their mountain stronghold to tackle the dark mysteries of the unknown and drag them, screaming, into the light! Ghosts, UFO’s, vampires, some kind of skeleton-monkey with snakes for fingers and bullets for teeth! No mystery, no matter how mysterious, can escape the scrutiny of these paranormal masterminds as they help you to navigate a path through a reality far stranger than you ever suspected. It’s a big Weird world. Don’t be scared, be prepared.


Werewolf Radar Ep. 42: The Lord of Shriekingham Palace

In this weeks episode the crew of the radar are joined by our good friend Matt Monroe! to discuss the perils of ever visiting Engand, the waves of invisible mice that are all around you, ghost impersonators and two headed mutant, freak-dolphins! (The freaky dolphins, not the band). The audio quality of this epsode is […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 41: 700% Monster

Another episode of Werewolf Radar has tricked you into the crawl space by mimicking the sounds of a trapped kitten and now you are stuck in here with it! In this episode, Denver podcastronaut extraordinaire, JD Lopez of Left Hand Right Brain Podcast, guides the crew of the radar through the treacherous, demon-haunted forest of […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 40: The Weirdest Week

Congratulate yourselves, space-peoples Joe, For you have survived a strange week indeed. The previous week was full to the absolute chock with strange doins, anomolies and bizzaritudes that we had to call in treasured Denver word-slinger, Byron Graham to help us decode any hidden meanings that may be woven into this recent spike in paranormal […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 39: Clownefaction

Episode 39 finds our intrepid investigators rifling through a veritable midnight garage sale of paranormal topics. Where did this garage sale come from? Does anyone recognize this neighborhood? Why, when asked what we owe, do these people simply chuckle softly. Talking points this week include giant, face-seeking insects, Siberia’s newest tourist attraction (spoiler, it’s a […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 38: Thin Lizard Contest

The crew of the radar is back from attending the month long paranormal retreat, Monstroco Presents ‘Screams Across America’. They attended seminar’s, met some interesting monsters and even visited the Skinwalker Ranch where they fed the Skinwalkers. However, far and away their favorite mystery encounter while out in the vasty darkness was running accross everyone’s […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 37: Brain Dragon

AND WE’RE BACK! sort of. After a recent break to tour the demon-haunted cockles of this great nation, the crew of the radar is ready to jump back into the fray with vital new tips for surviving the ever-shifting canopy of evil dangling just above your head. But before we get to that, we have […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 36: Werewolf Radar Lives! Doce de Mayo, Espectacular, Ahora Con Mas El Tecolote

In this, post Cinco De Mayo spectacular, the crew of the radar have to distinct honor of sitting down with local folk hero, lucha libre legend and adversary of evil, El Tecolote! The gang discuss the mysteries of the spicy south as well as the clandestine truth behind Mexico’s greatest mystery, the luchador himself. All […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 35: John Wilkes Booth: Abraham Lincoln Hunter

Listen up button stuffers! Our little fanged buddy, the Librus Monstrum Leviculous has escaped from it’s enclosure. Roger Nate and Jordan deal with the anxiety by discussing unicorn sightings, the funerary party of the world’s coolest lad, yet another haunted mansion for sale and a satanic statue being erected in the heartland of the bible […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 34: Werewolf Radar Lives! At Festibowl 2014

This special Easter episode was recorded live before a gnashing throng of doobed-out hop heads at El Charrito during Festibowl 2014. There was weirdness, thre was comedy there was a popcorn machine that never stood a chance. Special guest this week include comedians Alex Creasy, Steve Vanderploeg and everyone’s favorite, Byron Graham! Play in […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 33: Werewolf Radar Lives! Exploring the Baby Bjorniverse

Recorded live at El Charrito in downtown Denver, Jordan, Roger and Nate are joined by hilarious Denver comedienne, performer and all round cosmic cowboy, Kristin Rand, for a psychedelic journey through the center of the human imagination. This episode was so chock-full of secret truths and cockamamy presuppositions that we needed to record it twice. […]

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