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Each week the crew of Werewolf Radar convene in their mountain stronghold to tackle the dark mysteries of the unknown and drag them, screaming, into the light! Ghosts, UFO’s, vampires, some kind of skeleton-monkey with snakes for fingers and bullets for teeth! No mystery, no matter how mysterious, can escape the scrutiny of these paranormal masterminds as they help you to navigate a path through a reality far stranger than you ever suspected. It’s a big Weird world. Don’t be scared, be prepared.


Werewolf Radar Ep. 52: Marty Martin and the Case of the Cape Hill Creep

Buckle thine seatbelts, ghost-holsters, it’s time for another episode of Werewolf Radar! The crew breaks new ground this week as they catalogue sightings of Denver’s first and only known native cryptid! We don’t know what it is, but we think it means business. Also we discuss the merits and morasses of being married to a […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 51: Nothing but Bother

Boy howdy. This week was more packed with strange stories than Vincent Price’s houskeeper. We got bigfoot, we got ghost moms, we got nameless things, ancient, booby-trapped tombs, and our very first Werewolf Radar T-Shirt Giveaway! We’ve even got a skinwalker or two wandering around in the guise of a poorly interpreted wolf! If you […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 50: Captain Krech’s Marshmallow Monsters (with Anthony Crawford)

This week the crew of the S.S. Werewolf Radar are joined by the very hilarious Anthony “Crab Walk” Crawford for a voyage into a veritable sea of horrors! Talking points this week include corpse brides, the ever looming threat of chihuahuas, aquatic ghost stories and hot monster on submarine action. Grab your trunks and meet […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 49: The Hookman Cometh

After a brief battle with technical difficulties, the fellas are back for a brand new episode featuring purple UFOs, self-mummification, inuit mythology and costumed corpses all stuffed inside of a giant catfish. Be sure to listen extra closely for details on how to win a WEREWOLF RADAR T-shirt of your very own! Seal the exits, […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 48: Skulls Beget Skulls

Salutations, creep-seekers! This week the crew of the radar (Jordan Doll, Roger Norquist and Nate Balding) Band together to discuss some mighty strange doings and one scary good deal. From movie sequels that never were to the second coming of Macho Man to a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a haunted macbook that […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 47: Wolfstravaganza: The Legend of Stiles (With Andrew Orvedahl)

This week, the crew is joined by the very hilarious Andrew Orvedahl to discuss a topic that weighs heavy on the minds of many in these strange times; werewolves. That’s right. It’s an all werewolf, largely likable tour through the world of those poor handful of souls stricken with the curse of lycanthropy. We learn […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 46: Oscar The Grouch Was an Inside Job

This week’s episode is as hard to swallow as the carefully prepared flesh of a critically endangered giant river salamander. Nate, Jordan and Roger sit down to discuss the particulars of ghoul classification, the finer points of rare animal dining, zombie cats, Japanese bathroom ghosts and the rare and beautiful miracle of sasquatch birth. You’ll […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 45: The Mayor of Corpseton

This week Jordan and Roger take the wheel to discuss the possible acquisition of a Colorado ghost town, Roger’s eerie escapades through the American southwest, and the timeless beauty of the mysterious Selkie. I mean, who among us hasn’t considered donning a seal-skin and leaving it all behind in favor of a life beneath the […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 44: Herman Munster’s Dick

This week the gang dips their crooked, patchwork beaks into the mysteries of crop circles, ancient architecture, the perils of psychic romance and the truth behind the sub-arctic ningen! Many horrors are mapped this week, including the most mysterious creature of all: our good friend, Brett Hiker, who dips into the studio about 3/4 of […]

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Werewolf Radar Ep. 43: Release the Ice Shrieker!

Salutations, Spacepersons Joe! Almost five months ago the crew of the Radar went out for a pack of smokes and never came home. However, after much soul searching (Aka Ghost hunting) The crew has returned from drifting around the American Southwest to spread the gospel of paranormal preparedness once again. We have missed you guys […]

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