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“Hosted by Nebraska native and Colorado transplant Cory Helie, Welcome to Denver dishes up in-depth conversations centered on what makes this city so great. Like an unofficial guide to the Mile High City, Helie invites comedians, musicians, filmmakers, artists and writers to talk about their favorite spots to find live music, comedy, food, weed, beer, sports and more. The podcast’s mix of Helie’s neo-Coloradan view and the voices of tried-and-true native spirits creates a perfect blend of information and conversation about all things Denver.” – Westword


Welcome to Denver Ep. 38: Sean White – Literally, Welcome to Denver

Sean White is a Chicago based comedian in town to experience all that is beautiful Denver. He joined Cory on the palatial pool side estate of James Draper, and talked about a handful of things from awful tattoos to of course, Denver, Colorado. Want to see Sean tonight, July 18th? He’ll be at 3 Kings […]

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Welcome to Denver Ep. 37 David Gborie: Gborie & Cory Having Fun In The Oven

David Gborie joins Cory in his Southwest Denver estate as the two take giants leaps out of their karaoke hating comfort zones and sing a batch of tunes so fine you will throw away all of your Elvis Costello records and only want to listen to these two. Aside from the beautiful singing, listen as […]

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Welcome to Denver Ep. 36: Ladies of Colorado Beer

Boy howdy was this a fun Welcome To Denver podcast drinking loads of beer with four ladies who work in the Colorado beer industry. Bess Dougherty of Wynkoop Brewing Co., Shannon Berner of Great Divide Brewing Co., Katie Nierling of Fort Collins Brewery – FCB and Laura Decker of our delicious sponsor Renegade Brewing Company. Be sure to check out […]

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Welcome to Denver Ep. 35: CROM-VER LIVE! with Nathan Lund, Safe Boating Is No Accident, Xander Kreed, Nick Gossert, Royce Isaacs

On a very special episode of Welcome To Denver, Cory meets up at Mutiny Information Cafe for a live Crom Comedy Festival Event like no other! The shenanigans began with fan photos with Denver Comedy Champ Nathan Lund. After the photo op, Cory took the stage to talk professional wrestling with Lund, Nick Gossert, Xander […]

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Welcome to Cromver, Lucha Libre and Laughs, and Cromaganda! listed as Westword’s 10 under $10 this weekend

(Photo courtesy of Geoff  Decker of Hidden Vision Photography) by Alex Brown Cromver, Live! at Mutiny Information Cafe (4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, free) “Welcome to Denver” is a podcast you should check out if you claim Denver pride, and tonight you can experience it live in the flesh. Denver’s comedy champ, Nathan Lund, will be there […]

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Welcome to Denver Ep. 33: Kevin White Fancies Himself a Comedian

Kevin White, Chicago comedian, by way of St. Louis hangs out with Cory at the Compound and discusses all of the important things in Denver. Like where to snag a good homemade pop tart or how to score some coke on the streets of Colfax. But really, you don’t need to listen to this podcast […]

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Welcome to Denver Ep. 32 with Anthony Crawford: 365 Days of North Carolina’s 2nd Favorite Son

Anthony Crawford, originally a North Carolina comic, now in Denver joined Cory for a talk celebrating Crawford’s first year in Denver. In the last 365 days Anthony has proven himself an important part of the scene and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. The two talk the differences between the comedy scene in […]

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Welcome to Denver Ep. 31 Kathleen St. John: Sister Sister (with Lizzy St. John)

Cory sits down for the Denver perspective from not one but two of the St. John sisters Kathleen and Liz. You may know Kathleen from being a kick ass Denver mom to a cool little guy, however she is also a talented writer who can be found on the Denver Post as well as the […]

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Welcome to Denver Ep. 30 Zach Peterson: Getting Around To Talking About Denver

Zach Peterson,comedian, Nebraskan, podcaster and one of the people behind Chicago’s Comedy Exposition joins Cory at Mutiny Info Cafe for a discussion which covers three comedy scenes, food, sports and music. This one has it all! Cory met Zach two years ago at the inaugural CROM Comedy Festival in Omaha, which kicks off next month […]

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Welcome to Denver Ep. 29 In The Whale: A Glimpse In To The Blowhole

In The Whale, one of Denver’s best rock bands joins Cory at Mutiny Information Cafe for a chat all thing inside and outside of the whale. For the first time, listener questions were asked to guests, which Nate and Eric knocked out of the park. Learn about the origins of In The Whale, from their […]

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