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You thought you knew the bible?  Well, we bet you never knew that the Bible went west, with a vengeance. Listen to The Bible by J.E. Tucker at

The Bible Goes West

The Bible Goes West: Joseph Down Under

The Season Finale of The Bible Goes West! Thank you all for listening to Season Genesis. Next up Exodus! J.E. T. and Clarence. The Bible Goes West, By J.E. Tucker Genesis 20 Joseph Down Under 1 So Joseph, one of the few to survive the destruction caused by Jacob and Esau’s feud, needed work. 2 […]

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The Bible Goes West: Kill-ology of the West & the Funeral of Jacob

The Bible Goes West, By Me, J.E. Tucker. Vanquish-ology of The West and The Funeral of Jacob Genesis 18 1 With all the bodies piling up, the clans of Jacob and Esau decided to record who shoot who. 2 The deaths were many and gruesome; the survivors were even more gruesome with their holes in […]

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The Bible Goes West: The Return of Jacob & Battle of The Clans

Genesis 16 1 Jacob turned in the mauled body of The Stranger and his reward were great. 2 Word of his catch went far and wide. In only two days, the news of Jacob’s actions reached the wives hunting him. 3 Rachel said to the others, Looks like our husband is wealthy and in a […]

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The Bible Goes West: Jacob’s Family and Jacob’s fight with the Stranger

The Bible Goes West, by J.E. Tucker The Family of Jacob and Jacob’s Fight With The Stranger. Genesis 14 1 Jacob developed a drinking problem. 2 After his claim to the family land was refused, Jacob wondered from saloon to saloon consummating with every whore he could; and some smaller, slower, animals. 3 Jacob found […]

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The Bible Goes West: The Hanging of Isaac; and the Feud of Jacob and Esau

Genesis 13 1 On a dusty afternoon, the Judge God decided to see exactly how loyal Abraham was; and he said, Behold, I have ridden here. 2 The Judge continued, I think your son is a no-good, cheating, thief. I need you to enact the Law of the West upon him. You shall hang him […]

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The Bible Goes West: Sarai, Abraham and the Destruction of Boulder

  Genesis 11 1 The Judge appeared on the hottest day of the year; and rode to the town of Cheyenne with two riders in cow-hide dusters. His speed so great, Tornados manifested in his absences and destroyed few farms and sent a young girl to faraway land. 2 Abraham lifted his head from the […]

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The Bible Goes West: Sarai, Abraham, and Hagar; and the Great Brand of God

The Bible Goes West Sarai, Abraham, and Hagar; and The Great Brand of God Genesis 8 1 After these things, The Judge came to Abraham in a Fiery Vision, saying, Fear Not Abraham. I am they Shield, and thy exceeding great reward. 2 And Abraham Said, Judge God, What have you rewarded me, seeing as […]

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The Bible Goes West: Christmas Spectacular!

J.E. Tucker, in Honor of being added to the Sexpot Podcast Network, created a new Christmas Special for generations to enjoy. Hymns, guests, Conversion to Jesus Christ! This special has them all. Sit back with some hot coco, the bible, and enjoy this future Christmas Classic. Songs (In order of playing) Little Shotgun Boy […]

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The Bible Goes West: The Saloon of Babel and The Rescue of Lot

The Bible Goes West The Saloon of Babel and the Rescue of Lot Genesis 6 1 The Family of Noah repopulated the range. 2 And it came to pass, as they rode west, that they found the Great Plains at the feet of the Rockies, and they dwelt there. 4 They said one to another, […]

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The Bible Goes West: Cain, Able, and The Great Deluge

The Bible from J.E. Tucker. Genesis: Cain and Able, and the Great Deluge. Genesis 4 1 The Trail Boss eventually learned the skill from the sharpshooter; upon seeing the passing of technique Cain came to Dodge. 2 And she attracted his brother Abel. Abel was a gunsmith, while Cain could shoot the eye out of […]

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