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Talkin’ Shop is an informational workshop/podcast hosted by Anthony Crawford. TALKIN’ SHOP IS NOT A COMEDY CLASS. The most respected and established comics from or visiting Denver, Colorado come and explain how they do things, give advice, and answer questions about comedy. FREE TO ALL. Come and pick up something new to help your comedy experience whether you’re a new comic, veteran, wannabe, or just a fan that wants to see how the sausage is made….come out to Talkin’ Shop!

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 18: Troy Baxley

This week’s episode of Talkin’ Shop features Troy Baxley! Troy started the oldest running mic in Denver at the Lion’s Lair, he’s written for other comics, and toured everywhere. Here him discuss the people walking by on Broadway as well as the early days of his comedic career. Next up on Talkin’ Shop, we’ll have […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 17: Venue Owners

Ever wanted to start a mic? Ever wanted to put on your own showcase? Then you might wanna come to this episode & learn how to approach a venue owner. Matt Orrin (El Charrito) – Amuse Booze, Comedy Room Room, Punk Rock Kareoke Scott LaBarbera (Oriental Theatre) – Lucha Libre & Laughs, UnCalled Four, SexpotComedy […]

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Talkin’ Shop in Westword’s Best Free Events this Week

by Alex Brown at Westword Talkin’ Shop with Venue Owners at Mutiny Information Cafe (7 p.m. Thursday, free) This Talkin’ Shop is a real behind-the-scenes look at the guys who’ve given local comedians so much stage time. Matt Orrin of El Charrito, Scott LaBarbera of the Oriental Theatre and 3 Kings Tavern/Mutiny Information Cafe booker Jim Norris will […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 16: Phil Palisoul

Phil Palisoul has done it all….still does it all….& does it well! Comedy clubs, cruise ships, tv appearances, talk show appearances, he’s written sitcoms, etc. I personally have seen him do no less than crush every time on stage….can’t say that about anyone else. Immense wealth of comedy knowledge that you might wanna come check […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 15: Deacon Gray

Ben Roy has been topped. Deacon Gray officially has done the longest episode of Talkin Shop. Almost 2 & 1/2 hrs of comedy knowledge. It was awesome! Videos will be posted to the Talkin’ Shop Facebook page & the whole episode will be available for free download at, iTunes & soon Stitcher. If you […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 14: Bobby Crane

Bobby Crane is one of the most lovable comics that you will run into. He rapid fire comedy & boyish demeanor has made him a Colorado favorite for years. As a member of The Fine Gentleman’s Club, Bobby has a hand in their widely popular “Too Much Fun” showcase in Denver. Talkin’ SHOP IS NOT […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 13: Aaron Urist

If you live in Denver and are a fan of stand-up comedy, then you know Aaron Urist. A regular at the world famous Comedy Works and co-host of the wildly popular “Crush City,” Aaron has become every comics ‘go-to guy.’ He has made a name for himself with clever wordplay, amazing misdirection, and apparently a pen that […]

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Talkin’ Shop makes Westword’s Best Free Events this Week

by Alex Brown at Westword Talkin Shop with Aaron Urist at Mutiny Information Cafe (7 p.m. Thursday, free) If you’ve ever been to a comedy gig in this town, chances are you’ve seen the “comics’ go-to-guy,” Aaron Urist. The dude has a never- ending supply of clever wordplay and can sure tell a story. Find out how […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 12: Greg Baumhauer

Greg Baumhauer is a comic’s comic. Quick to say whatever is on his mind with very little tact and a whole lot of funny, Greg has established himself as one of Denver’s unsung anti-heroes. Original host of the Squire Lounge mic, which is known as one of the meanest mics in America, Greg takes pride […]

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Westword names Talkin’ Shop a best free event this week

by Alex Brown. See the full list at Westword. Talkin Shop with Greg Baumhauer at Mutiny Information Cafe (7 p.m. Thursday, free) Greg Baumhauer was the host of the Squire Lounge’s open mic night — known as one of the “meanest mics in America” — for seven years. During that time, Baumhauer became sort of a […]

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