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Talkin’ Shop is an informational workshop/podcast hosted by Anthony Crawford. TALKIN’ SHOP IS NOT A COMEDY CLASS. The most respected and established comics from or visiting Denver, Colorado come and explain how they do things, give advice, and answer questions about comedy. FREE TO ALL. Come and pick up something new to help your comedy experience whether you’re a new comic, veteran, wannabe, or just a fan that wants to see how the sausage is made….come out to Talkin’ Shop!

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 9: Nora Lynch

Nora Lynch is one of the most amazing stand up comedians you can know. A regular headliner at all of the comedy clubs in Denver, Nora has been a constant in the Denver scene for over 20 years. She’s a freelance writer & editor for several publications & writer and producer of several TV shows. […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 8: Sam Tallent

Sam Tallent is the ultimate DIY stand up comedian. Easily one of the hardest working comics in Denver, Sam has built a following that many comics strive to have. Member of The Fine Gentleman’s Club, host of Red Rocks Film On The Rocks, a regular at all of the Denver comedy clubs, Sam has solidified […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 7: Troy Walker

Troy Walker easily was one of Denver’s brightest lights in comedy before moving to L.A. He performed on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and is also a two-time winner of the New Faces Contest, not to mention the fact that he’s a damn lawyer!! Talkin’ Shop IS NOT A COMEDY CLASS! I get […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 6: Jake Browne

Jake Browne is easily one of the best comedy promoters in the Denver metro area. Along with co-host Zac Maas, their wildly popular show Uncalled Four has grown into a successful theatre show & their podcast (along with Jake Becker) Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast has won multiple awards Westword’s Best Denver Podcast in 2013 and 2014. If […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 5: Nathan Lund

Nathan Lund is easily one of the most beloved stand up comedians in Denver. Originally from Las Vegas, Nathan has embedded himself in the growing Denver comedy scene by himself & with his stand up comedy collective The Fine Gentlemen’s Club. TALKIN SHOP IS NOT A COMEDY CLASS! Top comedians & other comedy specialists come […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 4: The Nix Bros.

Adam & Evan Nix (The Nix Bros) are easily two of the best sketch filmmakers in the country. Enlisting the talents of some of Denver’s finest (TJ Miller, Josh Blue, The Grawlix, The Fine Gentlemen’s Club, etc.) they have created some of the funniest sketch comedy to found on all the social media sites. Now they are […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 3: Louis Johnson

Louis Johnson is a Denver comedy legend. Traveling the world doing stand up & crushing with ease, Louis is one of the guys Anthony had in mind when he created Talkin’ Shop. Not only one of the most genuinely nice guys you’ll ever met and funniest comics you’ll ever see, Louis has a lot of perspective […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 2: Ben Roy

Ben Roy is a staple in the Denver Comedy Scene. The energetic comic is 1/3 of the Grawlix and co-star of “Those Who Can’t” soon to air on TruTv. With multiple credits under his belt and many more on the horizon, Ben Roy is on the launchpad to stardom. Ben talks about his 10 year […]

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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 1: Anthony Crawford

The inaugural night of Talkin’ Shop! Anthony Crawford kicks it off explaining how he uses open mics to pump out and polish new jokes every week and shares some performance tips and tricks he uses on stage. Free to all. Donations will go to the show. Every last Thursday at 7pm. Play in new […]

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