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Sam Tallent's Half Hour ProphecySam Tallent is a comedian and writer from Denver, Colorado. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and dog. His interests include Southern Gothic fiction and the “death” of Elvis Presley. He enjoys slow simmered suppers and writing in the third person. Sam produces the Half Hour Prophecy Monday – Friday.


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STHHP-Ep-4 Rejoice

Half Hour Prophecy: Rejoice

They came from the hills in the their homemade shoes and they came from the swamps in their stained union suits and they came from the plains with their stern faces pitted with sorrow, came to rejoice for the sun had only just exploded and today was the end of it all. They knew. The […]

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Half Hour Prophecy: Book Him, Ham-O

Half Hour Prophecy: Book Him, Ham-O!

Book that flight to Pork Island because it’s another episode of SAM TALLENT’S HALF HOUR PROPHECY and this time, it’s impersonal! Soak yourself in vinegar and prep the leeches, it’s time for your reckoning with the Deity that abandoned you. So many men have fallen to their knees in hopes they will ascend. I beg […]

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Half Hour Prophecy: Be Holdin Too Much Girth

There is a time in most lives when a choice rises like cream and it is up to the liver of the life to pull out his slotted spoon and remove the sweet debris. What they do with their clotted fat is up to them. Some people make butter. Others add honey and feed it […]

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Half Hour Prophecy: No Bull. So Far.

EXCELSIOR! EXCELSIOR! Ring the goddamn gong and let the bells peal because Ol’ Sam T (also known as Big River, also known as El Dulce, also known as Frank Conley, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, also known as Sam Tallent) is bringing the irreverent wit that made him the regionally acclaimed jug maker and kiln cleaner […]

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