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We don’t just like making films; we like talking about them, too!  Our Rotten Potatoes podcast, sponsored by Sexpot Comedy, is a chance to hear the Cook St. guys play improv games, answer questions from fans, and bet on the Rotten Tomatoes score for a new movie coming out.  You can stream/download all previous episodes on SoundCloud.

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Rotten Potatoes Ep. 3: G.I. Joe Retaliation

After Justin dissects the CGI love triangle that was Oz the Great and Powerful, the boys do their best to feign interest in the just-released G.I. Joe: Retaliation, mostly out of support for star Channing Tatum. Despite all the telltale signs (The Rock, the plot, some guy named Zartan) of a terrible film, Nate maintains […]

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Rotten Potatoes Ep. 2: Oz the Great and Powerful

The whole gang is here to dissect the release of 2013’s first ‘big’ movie: Oz the Great and Powerful. Mostly this means discussing their problems with James Franco and how he is contractually obligated to m********e in every film. Also, Evan gives his review of A Good Day To Die Hard.

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