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Hosted by Bradley Haltom (@bradleyhaltom), The Other Side Podcast is a weekly podcast and monthly live show that explores the other side of humor. Every month, three comedians are interviewed. Then on the last Monday of the month, It’s The Other Side live show at Mutiny Information Cafe, featuring stand up and a live podcast answering questions from the audience with the comedians. Sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes funny, always a little off.

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The Other Side Podcast LIVE Ep. 25: Timmi Lasley, Stephen Agyei, and Chris Charpentier

This episode of The Other Side Podcast Live is brought to you by Sexpot Comedy, and recorded live at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse on December 11, 2014. This episodes features Chris Charpentier, Timmi Lasley and Stephen Agyei. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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The Other Side Ep. 24: Timmi Lasley

Timmi Lasley is a Denver based comedian. She runs a monthly showcase at Mutiny Books called Epilogue Comedy. You can follow her on twitter @timmitown Really good conversation with Timmi. We discussed remedial courses as a child. Feeling out of touch with pop culture, and social unrest. We laughed, we debated. We got to know […]

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The Other Side Ep. 23: Chris Charpentier

In this episode we sat down with Chris Charpentier. Chris is one of the founding members of The Fine Gentleman’s Club which puts on a weekly show called Too Much Fun! every Wednesday night at The Deer Pile in Denver, CO in addition to an annual comedy and music festival called Too Much Funstival. We […]

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The Other Side Ep. 22: Stephen Agyei

Denver comedian Stephen Agyei joined us in the basement. We discussed aliens, Kimye, his favorite kind of salad, and what happens when you date crazy to name a few. We learned a lot about Stephen, I think you will too. You can follow him Stephen at @StephenAgyei. Don’t forget to join Stephen and the rest […]

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The Other Side Ep. 21: Elliot Woolsey

Had a great talk with Elliot Woolsey. Lots of religious philosophy. I know that religion can be a touch subject for some. But, I hope that this episode inspires some critical thought. Elliot runs a regular showcase at Noonan’s in Aurora, Colorado, and is also a regular at Comedy Works. Follow him on twitter @ElliotWoolsey […]

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The Other Side Podcast Ep. 20: Kristin Rand

Kristin Rand is one of the brightest in the Denver comedy scene. Creative, bold, hilarious, and undeniably sweet. I absolutely love this woman. Follow her on twitter @krandemonium. Get ready for an almost unbearable dose of positivity! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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The Other Side LIVE Ep. 19: Anthony Crawford, Christie Buchele, and Ben Adams

This live show was recorded on October 9th, 2014 at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. We brought Christie Buchele, Ben Adams and Anthony Crawford together to tell some jokes, and answer some audience questions. Next live show will be on November 13th at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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The Other Side Ep. 18: Ben Adams

I’ve known Ben since I first started doing stand up. This episode is a little different since Ben and I have been pretty close friends for years. We discussed relationships, economics, science, conspiracies and his platform to run for president in 2016. It’s a good one! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | […]

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The Other Side Ep. 17: Christie Buchele

Christie Buchele is a comedian in Denver, CO as well as one of the hosts of the relationship podcast Empty Girlfriend. Christie and I have had a hard time connecting in the past. Her and I both share this stigma about ourselves. We both tend to think that people percieve us in a way they […]

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The Other Side Ep. 16: Anthony Crawford

We spoke to Anthony Crawford on this episode. He recently moved to Denver from North Carolina and has undoubtedly made our comedy scene better. We discussed his contenion with insomnia. Not being able to pass out drunk. Dodging relationship bullets. Why he moved to Denver. His unbelievable work ethic when it comes to performing and […]

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