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The Narrators Podcast is the audio companion to the monthly storytelling show hosted by Ron S. Doyle and Erin Rollman in Denver and Robert Rutherford and Mary Robertson in San Diego. Comedians, actors, musicians, writers, and other creative types share true stories from their lives centered on a monthly theme. Voted “Best Free Entertainment” in Westword’s Best of Denver awards.



The Narrators Ep. 112: Jim Norris – “One Kid at a Time”

Last October, our friends at From the Hip Photo hosted a small event at Fort Greene, this cool, funky little place in Globeville, and invited The Narrators to share a few stories. The theme of the evening was “Punk’s Not Dead?” The stage was just the corner of a little concrete-walled room with streamers on […]

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The Narrators Ep. 111: Jackie Jones – “A Dozen Naked Girls”

This week’s story comes to you from Jackie Jones. Jackie is a native San Diegan who has written book reviews for the San Diego Union Tribune and The San Francisco Chronicle as well as a humor column for Burbank’s now defunct Verdugo Monthly. Jackie shared this story at Tiger! Tiger! Tavern in San Diego on […]

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The Narrators Ep. 110: Janae Burris – “Fallen Promises”

We made it—the dumpster fire that was 2016 is done—and the flood of new year’s resolutions seems to be running faster and deeper than usual this year. Even more so, it seems like folks are breaking free and dumping old baggage that held them back last year. That’s what today’s story is all about—the complexities […]

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The Narrators Ep. 109: Rachel Weeks – “Scorpion, Camel, Penelope Cruz”

Today’s story comes from Rachel Weeks. Rachel is a comedian, writer, actor, and member of the Denver comedy group the Pussy Bros. This story was originally recorded on 20 July 2016 at Buntport Theater in Denver, Colorado. The theme of the evening was “Pop!” There is only one show left in 2016 and we want […]

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The Narrators Ep. 108: Brooke Pillifant – “Newton”

We here at The Narrators talk a lot about the role of empathy in the show’s success. The Narrators is, at its core, a community building enterprise, and one that is built on the premise of people wanting to connect to each other. The simple act of sharing stories allows that. It builds empathy and […]

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The Narrators Ep. 107: Malkah Duprix – “The Noisome Corruption of Adolesence”

Today’s story comes from Malkah Duprix. Malkah is a singer and guitarist with the band Paper Perfect Girls. Her story was recorded live on 17 August 2016 at Buntport Theater in Denver Colorado; the theme of the evening was “Naked.” We just have two shows left in 2016—13 December in San Diego and 21 December […]

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The Narrators Ep. 106: Kirsten Imani Kasai, “Karmic Justice”

Today’s episode comes to you from Kirsten Imani Kasai, a novelist, poet, and essayist. She has mountains of work available through her website, and is also the fiction editor and publisher of Body Parts Magazine: The Journal of Horror & Erotica. Our theme for November is “Overindulgence,” and it’s worth noting that we have canceled our […]

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The Narrators Ep. 105: Unknown Caller

When The Narrators first started in Denver over six and a half years ago, storytelling shows were few and far between. There were poets and memoirists sharing true stories at open mics, and the oral traditionalists have always been around, at historical gatherings or elementary school assemblies, but personal narrative just wasn’t a common thing. […]

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The Narrators Ep. 104: Michael Wall, “Romance at Haywood Cinemas”

This week’s story comes to you from Michael Wall, Curator of Entomology at the San Diego Natural History Museum. That means he’s the guy that gets endless texts from his co-workers with blurry photos of insects seeking advice on whether to kill said insect or not. He shared a story on the theme of “Tongues,” […]

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The Narrators Ep. 103: Greg Salvesen “Confidently Lying to My Barber”

All of the stories shared at The Narrators are true, or at least they’re supposed to be true, so it’s rare for one of our storytellers to reveal when they are lying. Today’s story, however, is almost entirely about lying—in this case, to total strangers. Greg Salvesen is an astronomer, ultra-distance runner, and a long-time […]

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