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Comedian Adam Cayton-Holland (me) chats with the various interesting people that cross his (my) path about the various routes to success and the various interpretations of what “making it” means.” All from his (my) dining room table.


My Dining Room Table: Final Episode

And so, after the hiatus, I have decided to shut things down here at My Dining Room Table GloboCorp LTD. I know I promised in the last episode that I would be back after the summer with your regularly scheduled MDRT’s, but the fact of the matter is I’m a liar. A goddamn, bald-faced, liar. […]

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My Dining Room Table Ep. 59: The Hiatus

And just like that, My Dining Room Table is officially on summer vacation. And by “summer vacation” I mean working harder than I’ve ever worked in my life on the production of Those Who Can’t. Alas, it is so dear listeners, I do not currently have the time to commit to this podcast that it […]

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My Dining Room Table Ep. 58: Noah Gardenswartz

I met Noah Gardenswartz backwards. That is to say, I don’t know how we didn’t know each other earlier on in life. He grew up in the Jewish community in Denver, Colorado – a smaller Jewish community as far as they go, that I was, at the very least, tangential with as a shitty half-Jew […]

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My Dining Room Table Ep. 57: Kevin O’Brien

The last Sunday of every month Kevin O’Brien runs a show called Arguments and Grievances at Vine Street Pub and Brewery. It’s one of the best shows in Denver. Comics consistently turn in some of the most inventive performances you’ll ever see them do at that show. Seriously, over-the-top, balls-to-the-wall performances. And I’ve always wondered […]

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My Dining Room Table Ep. 56: Nick Nunns

Often something insipid like the following will trickle out of my mouth: “Yeah, in Colorado, beer is like a total culture! There’s, like, a legit beer scene going on and stuff! It’s pretty impressive.” Then, inevitably, the person that I’m talking too will have follow-up questions like, “Oh yeah, how’s that?” And then I mutter […]

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My Dining Room Table Ep. 55: Brooks Wheelan

Well would you get a look at this dreamboat?! It’s Brooks Wheelan! Brooks Wheelan of former-SNL fame! Brooks Wheelan who is probably the only comic out there better on Instagram than me. YEAH I SAID IT, HOMEBOY PROBABLY HAS MORE GAME THAN, ME BUT AFTER HIM IT’S ME AND AFTER ME IT’S A DISTANT, DISTANT […]

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My Dining Room Table Ep. 54: Nathaniel Rateliff

I’ve been trying to get Nathaniel Rateliff on my podcast forever. And by forever, I mean since the podcast began. Which was almost exactly two years ago. Which is forever given modern-day attention spans. So forever. Okay. I’m done qualifying my previous statement. But unfortunately Nathaniel’s never been able to do the podcast. “Shoot! Not […]

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Vote for Sexpot shows in Westword’s Best of Denver 2015

  We’re super pumped to see Sexpot shows up for a Westword Best of Denver award. We’re up for Best Comedy Night and both Whiskey and Cigarettes and My Dining Room Table are up for Best Podcast. Make sure you vote here by March 16th!      

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My Dining Room Table Ep. 53: Kristin Rand

Well, Los Angeles, get ready. Here comes Kristin Rand. A stalwart of the Denver comedy scene – from stand-up to sketch and back again – Kristin got to town and immediately started tearing it up. And while she may have fallen into some of the trappings of the young, open-micer, it strikes me that she […]

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My Dining Room Table Ep. 52: Virgil Dickerson

Greater Than Collective record mogul, former Suburban Home Records guru, and Illegal Pete’s all-around good guy Virgil Dickerson gets the Dining Room Table treatment to talk poop stories, learning from your failures and how dim sum hasn’t been taken over by hipsters. Yet. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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