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Infauxmation! is a comedy show featuring a panel of comedians discussing the lighter side of the news. Join host Brent Gill, a panel of Comedy Works regulars, and an occasional historical guest as they analyze the week’s headlines, riff on their favorite stories of the week, and pretend to know more than they do. The show culminates with a ‘Headline Story’ battle between the comedians to determine who headlines the stand-up showcase at the end of the show.

Like the news but hate the negativity? Tired of being bombarded by stories about death, destruction, and disease? Ever read a headline and think, Is that a real news story? Then this show is right up your alley. From Christian body building swingers to Russian fish with human teeth, Infauxmation! is your go-to source for the not-quite news. Come laugh with four funny friends joking their way through some of humanities more ridiculous moments.

Infauxmation! The show that brings some of Denver’s best comedic minds together to “debate” the stories that you might have missed.

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Infauxmation: Olympic Dreams Crushed By Own Penis

Live from Mutiny Information Cafe during the 2016 High Plains comedy festival in Denver Colorado. Featuring comedians Sean Patton, Jordan Doll, Rachel Weeks, Martin Morrow, and hots Brent Gill. Infauxmation: Destroying stereotypes one Asian penis at a time. A Japanese pole vaulter had his Olympic dreams crushed when his penis disqualified him from the competition.

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Bono in Space | Infauxmation @ High Plains Comedy Festival

Bono, lead singer of U2, wants to the government to live stream every U2 concert to the International Space Station. Join comedians Rachel Week (@RachelGWeeks), Sean Patton (@mrseanpatton), Martin Morrow (@martinMmorrow), Jordan Doll (@razorlou), and host Brent Gill (@btgcomedy) at the High Plains Comedy Festival 2016. Find more videos at the Infauxmation Facebook page.

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Man Sells Pop-Tarts as Cocaine to Undercover Cop | Infauxmation!

Thirty year old Cameron Mitchell was recently arrested after offering to sell $20 worth of crack-cocaine to an under cover police officer. After the cops tested the substance and saw that it came up negative for cocaine he is being charged with selling counterfeit controlled substances Recorded live at the Comedy Works South at Landmark with […]

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Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Evades Police | Infauxmation!

A woman in California eludes police in a mini van painted to look like the Mystery Machine. Somehow reaching speeds of over 100 mph without the assistance of meth. Featuring comedians Brent Gill, Steve McGrew, Christie Buchele, and Nathan Lund. Recorded live at Comedy Works Downtown on 4/18/16.

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Edwin Toberga has sex with pool raft | Infauxmation!

Edwin Toberga, a should-be Floridian, has a thing for pool floats. So much so head has been arrested four times for having sex with a few different pool rafts. Join comedians Brent Gill, Sam Tallent, Mara Wiles, and Nathan Lund as they discuss the in’s and out’s of this great story. Recorded live at The […]

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Antiques Roadshow is FAKE | Infauxmation | LIVE @ UCB LA

Things have not been going well for appraiser Stephen Fletcher on the Antiques Road show as he incorrectly appraised the value of a certain piece of art for $30-50,000. Finding out later it was a jug made by a high school art student in 1973. Recorded LIVE at the world famous Upright Citizens Brigade Theater […]

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4 year old NRA Poster Child Accidentally Shoots Mom | Infauxmation!

A poster child for the National Rifle Association finds his mom’s unlocked .45 cal pistol in the back seat of the car and accidentally shoots her in the back while driving. This episode was recorded live in studio at The Lot @ RiNo with comedians Brent Gill, Sam Tallent, Nathan Lund, and Mara Wiles.

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Nicholas Cage fights Vince Neil on Las Vegas Strip | Infauxmation!

Actor Nic Cage got into a fight with Motley Crue’s Vince Neil after a fan asked Cage for an autograph. Join host Brent Gill and panelists Steve McGrew, Christie Buchele, Nathan Lund, and guest Vince Neil (Zac Maas) as they get to the bottom of this mess. Recorded live at Comedy Works Downtown on 4/18/16.

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