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Infauxmation! is a comedy show featuring a panel of comedians discussing the lighter side of the news. Join host Brent Gill, a panel of Comedy Works regulars, and an occasional historical guest as they analyze the week’s headlines, riff on their favorite stories of the week, and pretend to know more than they do. The show culminates with a ‘Headline Story’ battle between the comedians to determine who headlines the stand-up showcase at the end of the show.

Like the news but hate the negativity? Tired of being bombarded by stories about death, destruction, and disease? Ever read a headline and think, Is that a real news story? Then this show is right up your alley. From Christian body building swingers to Russian fish with human teeth, Infauxmation! is your go-to source for the not-quite news. Come laugh with four funny friends joking their way through some of humanities more ridiculous moments.

Infauxmation! The show that brings some of Denver’s best comedic minds together to “debate” the stories that you might have missed.

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Infauxmation Ep 16 | Justine Marino

This week we sit down with a good friend of the show, Justine Marino, to talk about the most important news that wasn’t important enough to make big headlines! Our news starts at 19:52 in where we discuss the motorist who got ticketed for singing too loudly in their car, the California restaurant that proudly […]

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Infauxmation Ep 15 | David Gborie

In our Los Angeles studios, we sit down this week with teen idol and sex icon, David Gborie. David and I talk about comedy in LA and his move from San Francisco in 2015. Then we break down barriers by discussing semen covered flutes delivered a California school district, followed by Berkley police finding over […]

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Infauxmation Ep 14 | Chris Charpentier

Ohhh daddy, talk about a good episode we have for you this week! Joining us on the show this week is the one and only Chris Charpentier! We talk about the Denver nurses that got in some heat after admiring a dead man penis, then we talk about the Bronx McDonald’s manager that got arrested […]

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Infauxmation Ep 8 | Zach Reinert and Ben Bryant

This week on Infauxmation, Zach Reinert stops in to discuss how Florida authorities had to warn their citizens to not shoot at Hurricane Irma. That’s 100% real. We also have the man responsible for the idea, Ryon Edwards, in studio to talk about how and why he came up with this idiotic idea. Though, he […]

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Infauxmation Ep. 7: Adrian Mesa and Mayu the Sex Robot

This week comedian Adrian Mesa joins us in the Infauxmation studio to talk about King Cobras discovered in potato chip cans, a mom’s baking mishap, and Japanese sex robots! We even have a sex robot join us in studio to talk about her experiences in the dark world of 1’s and 0’s. Big thanks to […]

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Infauxmation Ep. 6: Rachel Weeks

On this weeks Infauxmation, we sit down with comedian Rachel Weeks to talk about a Czech power plant’s internship application process (aka a bikini contest), the iconic mustache of Salvador Dali, and the the true love of a woman caught trying to sneak her boyfriend out of jail in a suitcase. We also talk about […]

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Infauxmation Ep. 5: TJ Miller & Nick Vatterott | High Plains Comedy Festival edition

Recorded in the midst of the 5th annual High Plains Comedy Festival, we sit down with TJ Miller (Silicon Valley, Yogi Bear 3D, Emoji Movie) and Nick Vatterott (Conan, No Outlet, Gorburger) to talk about how studies are showing that weed taken through the butt is more effective than smoking. Big thanks to TJ Miller […]

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Infauxmation Ep. 4: Denver Comedy Champion Nathan Lund

This week on Infauxmation, we sit down with Denver Comedy Champion Nathan Lund to talk about a man who cries after being arrested for hate speech, a racist mayoral candidate in Florida, and Ft. Lauderdale man who robs a bank to start his comedy career, something all comedians can identify with just a little bit. […]

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Infauxmation Ep. 3: Michelle Biloon and Tom Thakkar

On this week’s episode, comedians Michelle Biloon (Comedy Central, Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Loves Movies) and Tom Thakkar (Just For Laughs, NPR, The Todd Glass Show) join us for an excellent conversation covering topics from pro and anti Trumpers unite on Reddit and Arizona radio stations airs a PSA on storing child porn… yeah, another […]

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Infauxmation Ep. 2: Deacon Gray, Alabaster Cain, and the Progressive Liberal Wrestler

For episode two of the Infauxmation podcast, we sit down with comedian Deacon Gray to talk about the 10 Commandments monument in Arkansas that was destroyed less than 24 hours from being erected. Then, wrestling manager Alabaster Cain joins us to discuss the newest wrestling heel, The Progressive Liberal wrestler, who also makes a drop in […]

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