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Will Bolt and Genevieve Mueller, two Albuquerque comics who’ve had more than a few run-ins with death, talk about and try to find the humor in people dying the world over. Join us each week as we take on topics in the news and do our best to make you laugh.

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Dead Things Ep. 4: At Veteran’s Memorial

This week! Genevieve and Will freeze their asses off on a cold bench outside the New Mexican Veterans Memorial. We talk more about Brittany Maynard, Dia De Los Muertos, and how Will and Gen’s lives were affected by veterans. HAPPY VETERANS DAY PEOPLE! Wait, is this a somber holiday or a happy one? Gen?

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Dead Things Ep. 3: Thomas Edward

We’re back! This week we’ve got our first international guest! Tom joins us from jolly old England and tells us all about how his father passed away when he was 10. We talk about a crazy Brit who murdered his wife and daughter and discuss the necessity of dating services for people who work in […]

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