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The Fine Gentleman’s Club started when Chris Charpentier, Nathan Lund, Sam Tallent, and Bobby Crane got into a bidding war at the yacht store. When none of the men backed down, ever, it was mutually agreed that each one was a Finer Gentleman than the next. Now, they bring in some of the best comedians across the country every Wednesday night to the Deerpile.

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Denver Westword: Photos of the Final Too Much Fun

BY BRANDON MARSHALL OF DENVER WESTWORD Denver’s comedy and DIY scenes came together at Too Much Fun, the brainchild of comedy supergroup, The Fine Gentleman’s Club, featuring Bobby Crane, Chris Charpentier, Nathan Lund and Sam Tallent. The comedians held their raucous sixth anniversary showcase — and final Too Much Fun — at Deer Pile, on Wednesday. […]

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Photo Gallery: The Penultimate Too Much Fun 12/28/16

Sexpot Comedy Presented the penultimate (second to final) TOO MUCH FUN at the Deer Pile in Denver on Wednesday December 28, 2016.  Featured comedians included Bobby Crane, Chris Charpentier, Nathan Lund, Sam Tallent, Brent Gill, Mina Thorkel, Chris Higgins, Kevin O’Brien, Mara Wiles, Haley Driscoll, Hippieman, Jordan Doll, and David Gborie! Photos by Wally Wallace!           […]

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Four Sexpot Shows in Westword’s 10 Best Local Comedy Shows

By Byron Graham of Westword The landscape of the Denver comedy scene is constantly changing. Comedians move away, venues change or close down, neighborhoods gentrify and audiences dissipate. Ephemerality is simply the cost of doing business in a field that offers precious little security, economic and otherwise. Even so, this past year witnessed a solid lineup […]

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The Comedy Bureau’s Review of High Plains Comedy Festival

Read the full review at The Comedy Bureau From what we saw, Denver has a good thing going in its comedy scene. As you might imagine, we don’t get out of LA often or, really at all since there is so much to cover around the scene. However, last month, we found our way to Denver, […]

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Too Much Fun: High Plains Preview with Noah Gardenswartz

Before all the fun of High Plains Comedy Festival starts tonight, The Fine Gentleman’s Club had a special preview edition of Too Much Fun! Chris Charpentier is back for the fest so the gents were at full strength, bringing with them Denver favorites Kristin Rand, Haley Driscoll, David Gborie, and Noah Gardenswartz. Joe Praino and […]

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The Religion of Id: Denver Comedians Create Community, Pontificate on the Banalities of Life

Story by Emily Przekwas at Innovator’s Peak. Check them out for more stories about Colorado’s relationship with technology, innovation, and the human spirit. It takes a special person to be a stand-up comedian. Not only do you have to have passion, quick wit and a unique perspective on the world, you also need balls/ovaries of steel […]

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Too Much Fun: August 5th, 2015 Photos from New Faces and Necks

One of the most prestigious competitions in all of stand up comedy, The Fine Gentleman’s Club put together another edition of New Faces and Necks at Too Much Fun! The evening kicked off with former New Faces and Necks winner Alex Creasy discussing how the competition affected his career, followed by comedy from 15 of […]

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Too Much Fun: July 29th, 2015 Photos with Jono Zalay and Solomon Georgio

The Fine Gentleman’s Club kicked off the last Too Much Fun in July by giving the audience some very important fashion tips. Then we got comedy from not one but TWO different Johns in John Hilder and John Thome. Local crusher/huggable giant Zeke Herrera told some jokes before headliner Jono Zalay took the stage. Oh, […]

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Too Much Fun: July 1st, 2015 Photos with David Gborie and Dean Delray

Since Sam Tallent and Nathan Lund of The Fine Gentleman’s Club are both hitting the road soon, they figured they might as well have not one but TWO headliners for TOO MUCH FUN. David Gborie was in town from San Francisco and this weekend’s Comedy Works downtown headliner Dean Delray stopped by as well. Local […]

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Too Much Fun: June 24th, 2015 Photos with Andy Sandford and Adam Newman

Since Sam Tallent was out of town, Bobby Crane and Nathan Lund of The Fine Gentleman’s Club kicked off this week’s TOO MUCH FUN with dramatic improv. Jokes soon followed from Jack Comstock, Brett Hiker, Joe Shelby, Scott Losse, Adam Newman, and Andy Sandford. Don’t miss the Fine Gents new show “Tickle Monster” this Friday […]

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