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Buntport Theater
Every Third Wednesday at 8pm

The Narrators is a monthly storytelling show hosted by Ron S. Doyle and Erin Rollman in Denver, Colorado and Robert Rutherford and Mary Robertson in San Diego, California. Comedians, actors, musicians, writers, and other creative types share true stories from their lives, centered on a monthly theme.

The Narrators Denver takes place at Buntport Theater(717 Lipan St) in beautiful Denver, Colorado. 8:00 p.m. every third Wednesday of the month. Always free. We have free beer and wine available with donation.

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The Narrator’s Wednesday Night: “Take a Hike”

BUNTPORT, 15 JULY 2015 at 8:00PM: You were thrown out of your knitting co-op because your boyfriend helped orchestrate the largest property tax hike in US history. You once ate a raw snake while stranded on the Pacific Crest Trail. You’re the quarterback of your singles flag football team. Or something like that. Please join […]

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The Narrators This Wednesday: “WTF”

BUNTPORT, 17 JUNE at 8:00PM: Your ex-boyfriend won a Tony Award for writing an off-Broadway play with a plot that feels uncomfortably like your life. You thought you were living in a post-racial society. You learned the foxtrot and tango while drinking whiskey. Mind-controlling wasps. Smart refrigerators. Botox for poodles. You get the idea. Join […]

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CPR: Denver Narrators’ new collaboration melds storytelling and music

by Corey H. Jones The Narrators, a Denver-based storytelling show and podcast, has made a name for itself for sharing compelling personal stories in a live setting. Now, it will host shows that combine two art forms: storytelling and music. “The premise is very basic: We invite people to tell true stories based on a changing […]

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The Narrators with a Full Freaking Chamber Orchestra

If you are one of the millions of people who have attended one of our shows and thought “I like this story, but it sure would be embettered if it had a 35-piece chamber orchestra providing some sweet orchestral jams to jack it up some,” you are in luck. Our next big collaboration is just a couple […]

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The Narrators Denver storytelling show celebrates five years with ambitious expansion plans

by John Wenzel Like its audience, The Narrators storytelling show has grown up over the years. And for a show that’s struggling to accommodate demand at its live events, growing up means growing out. To mark its fifth anniversary, the eclectic stage show and podcast — founded by Denver comic Andrew Orvedahl — is flying […]

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Catch The Narrators before Too Much Fun tonight!

8PM TONIGHT: Close your eyes and follow the sound of my voice. Embrace your inner goddess, sooth your outer warrior. Bubble bath. Joints. Red wine. Toys. Downward facing dog, upward facing dog. A second slice of chocolate cake. Equanimity. We invite you to join our storytellers tonight, sharing tales of “Self Help,” and make a […]

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Catch The Narrators at The Buntport Theater Tonight

8PM TONIGHT: You’ve got pine needles in your ironic sweater and your shins are itching from wearing those damned leather riding boots too many days in a row. Your pockets are bulging with gift receipts and you’ve got peppermint mocha breath. There’s no turning back—this holiday thing is happening—but let’s all take a few hours, […]

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Watch The Narrators before Too Much Fun Tonight

TONIGHT: His stepdad got a nipple piercing that saved his entire battalion in Vietnam from cheating on their wives! Her grandmother’s meatloaf recipe is based on alien technology that was implanted in a second cousin’s eyebrow during a CIA sting operation! Yep. Just like that. Only actual true stories. We have a fantastic lineup of […]

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The Narrators Live Show: Origins

In 2010 Andrew brought a storytelling show he created while living in Los Angeles back to Denver with him, and dubbed it ‘The Narrators’. After several successful years he changed venues and brought aboard talented writer/orator Robert Rutherford to run the show with him (aka do all the actual work). Today ‘The Narrators’ is more […]

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