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Buntport Theater
Every Third Wednesday at 8pm

The Narrators is a monthly storytelling show hosted by Ron S. Doyle and Erin Rollman in Denver, Colorado and Robert Rutherford and Mary Robertson in San Diego, California. Comedians, actors, musicians, writers, and other creative types share true stories from their lives, centered on a monthly theme.

The Narrators Denver takes place at Buntport Theater(717 Lipan St) in beautiful Denver, Colorado. 8:00 p.m. every third Wednesday of the month. Always free. We have free beer and wine available with donation.

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The Narrators Ep. 91: Lola Cacho, “Never Give Up”

This week’s story comes to you from our San Diego show, where storyteller Lola Cacho shared on the theme of “DIY or DIE.” This story was recorded live on 9 February 2016 at Tiger!Tiger! Tavern. On 21 February, we’re teaming up with our pals at Stories on Stage for an evening of true tales, featuring […]

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This Wednesday at The Narrators: “DIY or DIE”

BUNTPORT THEATER, DENVER, 17 FEBRUARY 2016 at 8:00PM: Join us for an evening of stories on the theme “DIY or DIE.” Here’s the lineup: Sean Michael Cummings (Shakesbeer) James Laurie (Flobots, NOENEMIES) Adrian Mesa (3-Course Comedy, “Those Who Can’t”) Rae Moore Kevin O’Brien (Arguments & Grievances) Jordan Wieleba (Something Fabulous) …and your host, Erin Rollman. […]

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5 Sexpot Podcasts in Westword’s 10 Essential Denver Podcasts

by Byron Graham of Westword 5. Whiskey & Cigarettes  Whiskey & Cigarettes is a podcast about podcasts, and much funnier than that glib description would suggest. Hosted by the local brain trust behind the Uncalled Four comedy-game show — Jake Browne, Zac Maas and budtender Jake Becker — the podcast has evolved over the years. What […]

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The Narrators Ep. 90: Ed & Mimi

We have a very different kind of story this week, brought to us from our good friend, Michael King, Denver designer, musician and art director for Birdy magazine. A few years ago, Michael King bought an answering machine at a thrift store here in Denver. Inside that machine was a tape. What you’re about to […]

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The Narrators Ep. 89: Suzanne Hoyem, “99% Compatible”

This week’s story comes to you from San Diego writer Suzanne Hoyem—amateur taxidermy collector, novice Tarot card reader, and practiced social critic. Having spent the past decade at the finest junior colleges in Southern California, she has decided to stretch her wings, talk dirty, and influence people. She shared a story at the San Diego […]

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The Narrators Ep. 88: Taylor Gonda, “An Anglophile’s First Visit to England”

So far, 2016 has been rough year for anglophiles. We’ve lost Lemmy and David Bowie and Alan Rickman already, and it’s not even February. The outpouring of grief and nostalgia and admiration over the last few weeks has been overwhelming but still inspiring—it’s clear that England still has an immense influence on American culture. When […]

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The Narrators Ep. 87: Joe Holland, “Chappie”

Happy New Year! This week’s story is told by Joe Holland, a San Diego-based writer. He deftly captures the complicated nature of family in this story based on the theme “Siblings.” We are looking forward to 2016 and a new year of storytelling. We’ll kick it off in San Diego on Tuesday, 12 January, and […]

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The Narrators Ep. 86: Matthew Taylor, “Jesus Party!”

Over the years, we’ve heard lots of holiday stories at The Narrators, even when they’re out of season, because life just seems more significant during special events. Like birthdays and graduations and anniversaries, holidays elevate themselves to a different status among the crowd of 365. As a species, we’re drawn to creating a spectacle. So […]

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The Narrators Ep. 85: Amy Lisewski, “My Brother’s Brother”

We’ve wrapped up our live shows for 2015. Thank you to all of you in Denver in San Diego and beyond who have helped to make 2015 one of our best years yet. We’re looking forward to 2016, and to that end we have posted all of our themes for the upcoming year, which you […]

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The Narrators Ep. 84: AJ Pape, “Kevin Spacey Saved My Life”

Today’s story comes from AJ Pape. AJ’s story was recorded live on 18 November 2015 at Buntport Theater in Denver, Colorado. The theme of the evening was “If You Can’t Say Something Nice.” Our next show is on Wednesday, December 16 at Buntport Theater in Denver. The theme will be Siblings and sadly, it’s our […]

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