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The Cannabist: Denver Home To International Church of Cannabis

This new cannabis church pushes limits of Denver’s social-use pot law

A 113-year-old church building in Denver has found a higher calling.

The International Church of Cannabis opens its doors on April 20, the unofficial annual marijuana holiday. The renovated church at 400 S. Logan St. is the headquarters of Elevation Ministries, a newly formed Colorado nonprofit religious organization that claims cannabis as its primary sacrament.

This is a unique community for those who consume cannabis as a means to achieving self-discovery, founding member Steve Berke told The Cannabist in an exclusive interview and tour of the church. Members, known as Elevationists, claim no theology or authoritarian structure, he said.

“The Elevationists’ goal is creating the best version of themselves. We believe cannabis accelerates and deepens that process.”

As the 4/20 opening approaches, residents of the West Washington Park neighborhood are expressing concerns about plans for the church, which many became aware of only after the church’s title appeared in Google searches of the address in early April. The church also has caught the attention of skeptical city officials worried it is circumventing state and local laws about open and public consumption.

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