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The Bible Goes West: Cain, Able, and The Great Deluge

The Bible from J.E. Tucker.

Genesis: Cain and Able, and the Great Deluge.


Genesis 4

1 The Trail Boss eventually learned the skill from the sharpshooter; upon seeing the passing of technique Cain came to Dodge.

2 And she attracted his brother Abel. Abel was a gunsmith, while Cain could shoot the eye out of an owl with both hands from 50 paces.

3 Eventually the town dance came to pass; and Cain, taught by the first sharpshooter, brought his skill and performed skilled shot after skilled shot.  Wooing the crowd.

4 After, Abel brought the first gun he smithed.; large and prone to jamming. The Judge respected the design, and the two gunsmiths talked.

5 Unto Cain and his skill the Judge God had seen but shown no respect. Cain was angry and his hand fell to his holster.

6 Judge God said unto Cain, Thou hand is on thy weapon. Art thou ready to die? God spit unto the earth staring Cain in the eyes.

7 If Thou wants a fight, all thou must do is accept. And if be quick thou might do well. Sin makes the hand slow. And those whom are slow are ruled by death.

8 Cain stared Judge God down. God faced Cain square. Cain drew. Striking before the Judge God could make action. Not the Judge God he struck but Abel, who ran between the two focused fighters.

9 The Judge God cried, No! Cain looked at God and said, I didn’t see him.

10 God held the body of Abel and said thou blood has painted the ground red. To Cain he said, You have shed your brother’s life.

11d Now I place a bounty on your head, which every law man in the dodge territory shall be tempted by.

12 When you enter a new town a bulletin shall be placed in every marshal’s board. You shall never get drink in any saloon.

13 Cain said unto the Judge, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

14 You hast driven me into being dry in every bar in the territory; Those who find me I shall force death upon me.

15 The Judge said to him, therefore whoever kills you shall be cursed to be hunted by those who hunt you. A brand I shall give you, so any who find shall know to bring in alive.

16 Cain was given a horse and allowed three days ride before the bounty was placed. He rode west beyond the jurisdiction of heaven’s Lawmen.

The Great Deluge

Genesis 5

1 After generations Noah came to Dodge.

2 Judge God said to Noah, My town has strayed from my laws. The male and female, all now unclean from the stinking mud of the town.

3 They no longer farm, or maintain the ranch. The wild has entered Dodge. The town as it stands is rustlers and bandits.

4 Noah looked at God, He said, what is thy plan? A town full of corruption. I can do nothing to change it.

5 And God gave him the plan.

6 The Judge God taught the good Noah his plan. Up in the valley a dam was built to hold back the valley waters, producing the good land which the people of Dodge no longer yielded.

7 Noah moved his family to the high ridge and built a small ranch at its top. He said to them, hide in here and turn off the light. I must destroy the dam and bring the cleansing waters to the land of Dodge.

8 Should anyone from the town come looking for me, shot them dead at the door, for they look to stop the will of the Judge God.

9 As planned, Noah climbed the valley walls until he found a stray pack mule. In its packs where sticks upon sticks of Dynamite. 777 in total.

10 The dam was unwatched. Everyone in the town was singing and drinking to new debaucheries. Noah placed the dynamite at the weak points found by god.

11 Noah connected the fuses and bought it to safe ground. He said unto God, Here is your will Judge.

12 Before he could ignite the fuse he heard the familiar sound of a cocked-gun. Noah turned to see his eldest son ready to use a gun against his own father.

13 Noah’s offspring said to Noah, I can’t let you do this pa. The town of Dodge is going to remain.

14 I’ve too much stock in the goings ons of the town to let you flood my livelihood.

15 Noah said to his son, You better be ready to pull the trigger. Few men have pointed a gun at your father and lived.

16 Noah, who recently came to Dodge, rode with the Devil and fired upon the good of the earth before finding the error of his ways.

17 The longshot-killer of Texas, The Cold steel of Death, The Butcher of Denver, These titles all belonged to the Noah before his child knew life.

18 Noah’s son did not put down his down and began to aim for his father’s heart.  Instinctually, Noah lifted his gun and unloaded his chamber into his victim.

19 Noah’s son fell to the ground; his eyes never closing, always staring at his father. Noah turned around. The death of his son was too much to watch.

20 As his son lie dying, Noah continued with the destruction of Dodge. He Pulled out a cigar and lit it. After a few puffs he brought the cherry to the end of the fuse and started the countdown.

21 The explosion shook the earth and water rushed into the valley looking to make all flesh in its way dead, every foul human which touched the waters.

22 All in Dodge, their nostrils was filled with water, died.

23 After the destruction, Noah went to his son’s body and lifted him into his arms.

24 Every living soul in the valley had vanished from the book of life.

25 Only Noah’s family survived.

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