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Broadcast Geeks Ep. 32: Batman: Requiem for a Joke

Welcome to episode 32 of Broadcast Geeks! On this podcast we discuss all things geek related with a focus on comic book adaptations for television and the big screen. This week the Geeks do a before and after episode focused on the new rated R animated feature Batman: The Killing Joke. We’re also joined by returning guest Jake […]

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Empty Girlfriend Ep. 76: James Fritz

Is your heart aching for a giggle and a romantic sigh? Well we’ve got JUST what you’re yearning for with our favorite teddy bear, lady lover man, comic genius James Fritz! We were beyond delighted to explore Mister Fritz’s Empty Gal nature & he was BEYOND delightful. We’d invite him back to the EGF sleep-over […]

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These Things Matter Ep. 211: The Beatles Pt. II w/ Nadine Goranson

We’re super sorry for the delay on this one – a series of mishaps and errors prevented us from getting this out to you on time. But here it is! Taylor took a trip to Portland to visit her cool aunt (whom you may recall from our calls to help her GoFundMe campaign) and to […]

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Half Hour Prophecy: Book Him, Ham-O

Half Hour Prophecy: Book Him, Ham-O!

Book that flight to Pork Island because it’s another episode of SAM TALLENT’S HALF HOUR PROPHECY and this time, it’s impersonal! Soak yourself in vinegar and prep the leeches, it’s time for your reckoning with the Deity that abandoned you. So many men have fallen to their knees in hopes they will ascend. I beg […]

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Stern German Lady: Not Ready In Texas

DEAR STERN GERMAN LADY, I have been invited to a “gender reveal” party. I have never heard of such a thing. I mean, REALLY? In my day, a married woman’s first child was welcomed with a baby shower. Today, baby showers are given for three, four, five children of the same mother whether she’s married […]

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Half Hour Prophecy: Be Holdin Too Much Girth

There is a time in most lives when a choice rises like cream and it is up to the liver of the life to pull out his slotted spoon and remove the sweet debris. What they do with their clotted fat is up to them. Some people make butter. Others add honey and feed it […]

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Broadcast Geeks Ep. 31: That Toothless Bastard Stole My Heart

Welcome to episode 31 of Broadcast Geeks! On this podcast we discuss all things geek related with a focus on comic book adaptations for television and the big screen. This week the Geeks sit down as a complete unit to talk about San Diego Comic Con 2016 and also start our multi-episode review of  the the Netflix Original Series […]

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Half Hour Prophecy: No Bull. So Far.

EXCELSIOR! EXCELSIOR! Ring the goddamn gong and let the bells peal because Ol’ Sam T (also known as Big River, also known as El Dulce, also known as Frank Conley, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, also known as Sam Tallent) is bringing the irreverent wit that made him the regionally acclaimed jug maker and kiln cleaner […]

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Denver Westword Interviews Hosts of Vice Does America About Visiting Denver Relief

Vice Does America Gets High, Heads to Denver in Tonight’s Episode BY KATE MCKEE SIMMONS “The Porno, The Hitchhiker & The Weed,” tonight’s episode of Viceland’s Vice Does America, will bring viewers to Denver as hosts Abdullah Saeed, Will Cooper and Martina de Alba visit the Denver Relief grow operation and discuss Colorado’s marijuana legalization. This […]

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