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Dear Denver Included Three Sexpot Comedy Events in Their Events to Check Out 7/1/16-7/7/16

WEEKLY EVENTS: JULY 1, 2016 – JULY 7, 2016 July 1, 2016 Denver! This weekend is the birth of our nation! Or is it freedom? Or is it pizza delivery? Whatever the occasion, there are good times to be had. In between having a personal (veggie) hot dog eating contest, perfecting your cannonball, and/or french kissing […]

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Three Sexpot Comedy Shows Listed in Westword’s 10 Best Denver Comedy Events in July

by Byron Graham As Denverites roast their way through international hot dog month during the high plains heat, opportunities abound to chortle away the evenings in air-conditioned comfort. Fittingly for a month named after an Emperor, July has a legion of comedic delights ready to lay siege to our city’s sweaty audiences — everything from Kiwi […]

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Two Sexpot Comedy Shows Made Westword’s Top Ten Under $10 Events this Weekend

by Alex Brown Pack as much fun as you can into the weekend — Monday is a holiday, when you can nurse that hangover while watching fireworks. There’s plenty of First Friday art and free music, and even a Canadian dance party to keep you busy until July 4. Here are our ten favorite options for […]

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Empty Girlfriend Episode 73: Bradley Galli

I know we say this every week but this week is truly a special episode. This week we have the best comedy writer in Denver (according to Christie, so you know its true), Brad Galli! If you haven’t heard of him it’s because he hung up the mic over a year ago. In an attempt […]

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Dear Stern German Lady: My child is out of control

Dear Stern German lady, My twelve-year old son is out of control! Even as a baby, he was difficult, but now that he’s entering puberty the situation’s getting really out of hand. I spend most of my days cleaning up after him: sweeping up ashes from the numerous fires, scrubbing animal blood and cat hair from his […]

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These Things Matter EP. 208 – LIVE! AT THE WESTWORD MUSIC SHOWCASE 2016

Holy cow! What a show! We (mostly Kevin) talked to a bunch of folks at the 2016 Westword Music Showcase about summer gigs, summer festivals, SUMMAH! Interviews include: Patient Zeroes Jessi Whitten of OpenAir Ancient Elk Ru Johnson of Roux Black Bree Davies of Westword Greg Ziemba and Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp (Thanks […]

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Free Gillespie w/ Ryan and Jules Fechter

Comic Jay Gillespie on His Felony Possession Charge in Texas, MMJ and Ultra Sex Laser

by Byron Graham As many Coloradans know all too well, law enforcement agents of this country’s less-enlightened states deliberately and systemically profile Colorado drivers in an attempt to bust them with legal weed. On June 13, beloved Denver comedian Jay Gillespie found himself targeted in Childress, Texas, where a routine traffic stop led to a […]

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Broadcast Geeks Episode 27 – Independence Day: The Creasy Review w/ Alex Creasy

Welcome to episode 27 of Broadcast Geeks! On this podcast we discuss all things geek related with a focus on comic book adaptations for television and the big screen. This week the Geeks sit down with comedian Alex Creasy. Alex gives us his thoughts on Independence Day: Resurgence after recently seeing the film on opening weekend. We chat […]

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Comedy in the Paint Episode 28 – Draft Night, Trades & Free Agency w/ Tim Coleman and Derrick Stroup

Welcome to Episode 28 of Comedy in the Paint! This week Jeff and Deacon sit down with returning guests, comedians Tim Coleman and Derrick Stroup. We talk about the recent NBA draft, the big early off-season trades and the upcoming Free Agency period that starts July 1st. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @comedybball and […]

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