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NFL Prediction Time!!! NFL Week 6 by Videogames.

NFL Prediction Time!!! Streamed to Twitch World: Watch Madden 18 round 2! from JayandRoger on The Season needs predicting and we are here for all of your needs, if your needs are needing to know who is going to win professional football games. NFL Prediction Time!!! Jay, Roger, and Jeremy are playing Madden 18 […]

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The Stern German Lady

The Best Fall Activities for Continued Survival

Avoiding Autumnal Atrophy: The Best Fall Activities for Continued Survival. Everyone needs that perfect fall activity to occupy the time between the happiness of summer, and the dreadful howls of the starved winter wolves. The abundance of fun-filled follies in the fall can be overwhelming, so I have created the Essential Autumn Activity list below. […]

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The Bible Goes West

The Bible Goes West: Joseph Down Under

The Season Finale of The Bible Goes West! Thank you all for listening to Season Genesis. Next up Exodus! J.E. T. and Clarence. The Bible Goes West, By J.E. Tucker Genesis 20 Joseph Down Under 1 So Joseph, one of the few to survive the destruction caused by Jacob and Esau’s feud, needed work. 2 […]

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Stern German Lady Advice: Confused Teen in the South

Dear Stern German Lady, I need your advice! Recently, I was told things I don’t know how to react to. Among them was, “Wow, your voice is deep,” and, “Your laugh sounds like a witch.” Most of the time I’m a happy-go-lucky person, but in the last few weeks I have been flickering from happy […]

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