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Glenn Has Idea$ Ep. 8: Trouble at Home

Issues at home will always mean issues in the office, so Glenn is ready and eager when he hears Rick is having marital problems. He’s got enough couples activities and relationship metaphors to almost make you forget he’s an expert in logistics, not love.

Andy Juett as Glenn

Andrew Orvedahl as Rick

Executive Producers – Andy Juett, and Andrew Orvedahl

Producers – Matty OʼConnor and Andrew Bueno,

Directors – Matty OʼConnor and Andrew Bueno

Camera Operators – Colin Floom and Daniel “Buddy” Thomas

Sound Department – Paul Sitzman and Tim Buss

Editors – Scott Schulte and Wayde Samuel

Grip – John Strelec

Brought to you by Illegal Pete’s and Sexpot Comedy.

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